NoSQL made easy

I have been using NoSQL data stores for quite a while now.  I found, that they work very well, but that it is hard to write a simple query, to access the data. And I found, that there is often some data still in relational databases, that uses different models. 

So for my  work I created a query language, that is as similar to SQL as possible, but that can query both relational and other data sources.  (document,  key-value, graph, columnar) 

I also wanted it to be able to query more than one source in a single query.  So I made it federated. 

It is called Funql. 

Funql is the easy to use query and analytics language that bridges SQL and Big Data technology.

Funql extends SQL in a way that makes using NosQL datastores simple.

It can combine data from different database systems (relational and non relational) and transforms it into comprehensible results.

Here is a sample:

from database_systems  where funql_compatibity = "checked"  group by technology  select inner name, driver_availability, vendor

Easy enough? See the results ->here. is the one stop place for the software, database drivers, the language specification and a home for discussions of the future development of the language and its tools.